We must be on our guard against fire

IT'S a behaviour I have never been able to fathom. Setting fire to someone's property, whether it be a building or paddocks, just doesn't make sense.

And yet every summer across the country we have numerous incidents of fires being wilfully started.

Now before summer has even hit we have a serial arsonist suspected of lighting bushfires close to rural homes near Dyraaba, north-west of Casino.

The destruction of property, lives, livestock, and even the wildlife of a bushfire that gets out of hand is something this country is all too aware of since the Victorian fires earlier this year.

It is a criminal activity that could easily cause death to many innocent people let alone domestic and native animals.

Arsonists cost the taxpayers so much

money because of the extra work they create, and also put our firefighters who have to fight these fires at major risk.

While it is often hard to find the culprits the law needs to get very tough on arsonists, and the community needs to be on the alert.

If anyone suspects that someone they know could be lighting fires it is their responsibility to the community in which they live to tell the authorities.

There is no excuse for such behaviour, and if it is not stopped early it will only escalate.

These recent three fires were lit very close to homes and it would have been obvious to the culprits who lit the fires they were putting lives at risk.

As we head into a very dry, hot summer we all need to be watchful.

The last thing we want is for the Victorian fires to be replicated in the Northern Rivers.

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