Ways to improve Easter egg hunt

AN EASTER egg hunt is a great way to entertain the kids and burn off chocolate-induced calories.

However, creating the perfect hunt, one which the Easter bunny himself would be proud of, can be a challenge. According to Exercise Sports and Science Australia executive officer Anita Hobson-Powell, it's worthwhile getting it right, though.

"Kids love a good treasure hunt and we encourage parents to think outside the square, whether they move the hunt to the local park or set up some activities in the garden. What's great about this approach is that the kids will love it even more and as parents we can feel better about the extra treats they are about to have," she said.

An idea to improve your Easter egg hunt is to hide chocolates in a tree or other high place. As long as it's safe for the kids to climb to, it will challenge them and is far less predictable. Lots of kids love to ride their pushbikes, so why not include a bike ride in the hunt? They can start at the letterbox, which would be filled with eggs of course, and ride to friends' places nearby.

To get younger kids into the Easter spirit, they could make a pair of bunny ears, wear them on the hunt and hop instead of walk. They'll get some exercise out of hopping, too.

And don't rule out a classic egg-and-spoon race or building it into a relay event, which includes, for example, some laps in a swimming pool. Including a sack race will make the hunt a bit more challenging and also keep older children entertained.

Ms Hobson-Powell said exercise gained through the hunt could help offset sweet treats.

"We're not suggesting avoiding chocolate altogether, just being mindful of how much is consumed and trying to create some fun activities for the family to compensate for the extra calories and sugar intake," she said.

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