Mushrooms? Wayne's Photo of the Day gets us thinking

Wayne Day's photo
Wayne Day's photo

OUR Photo of the Day voters are nothing if not decisive this week!

This magical shot of a couple of mushies was submitted by Wayne Day and picked up a full half of the vote in a mix of four fantastic images in yesterday's poll.

Wayne's image got us wondering whether the fungi he photographed were in fact mushrooms or toadstools.

A quick bit of Googling tells us there is actually no difference between the two.

The KnowledgeNuts website says, broadly speaking, the term toadstool tends to refer to any fungi that is poisonous or otherwise not edible, although there are exceptions to that rule, such as the death cap mushroom.

The site also says the term "toadstool" came from folklore that toads would literally use those types of mushrooms as chairs, thus making them poisonous.

The term apparently dates back to the 14th century.

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