A NEW nominee has entered the race for lowest act of 2012 after a rainwater tank was taken from Casino West Public School disappointing students and disgusting kindergarten teacher Melinda McCormick.

Some time on Monday night or Tuesday morning probably more than one person entered the school grounds to remove the tank.

Valued at about $1000, the tank was won by the school about 18 months ago in a competition run by Rous Water.

To remove the fully laden 2000 litre tank from its site near the school's vegetable garden took some effort.

Whoever did the deed had to cut the drainage pipes from a nearby shed which fed the tank, and its contents had to be emptied on the ground before it could be removed.

The green coloured tank was fitted with a meter on the top, which showed the water level.

"We set up the gardens with a grant then we won the tank and we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for the kids to use water that we save ourselves to water the garden," Mrs McCormick said.

"It enabled us to save on the water bill for the school and also taught the kids about water conservation and caring for the environment."

Mrs McCormick said the gardens have been used by the school's garden club, in which students interested in gardening were involved.

"Nobody actually noticed the tank had gone until about lunch time (Tuesday) when the groundsmen came to me and said it was missing," Mrs McCormick said.

"I cried because I was so disgusted someone could steal from the school and from the kids."

Richmond Local Area Command inspector Matt Kehoe said there were likely a number of people who knew what happened to the tank.

"The tank is not something that somebody is going to be able to break in and put in their pocket and walk out of the place with," Insp Kehoe said.

"It has taken some considerable effort and I would suggest probably more than one person to remove it.

"If anybody has seen somebody that has put a similar style of water tank into their property in the last couple of days we would ask them to come forward."

Anyone with information regarding the tank or its whereabouts should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000, or Casino Police on 6662 0099.

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