WATCH: Car crash video sparks debate over new road rule

A FRIGHTENING crash on the Pacific Highway has been captured on video as onlookers were criticising the introduction of the new mandatory 40kmh speed limit around emergency vehicles.

Originally shared by Tuncurry resident Michelle Seeto last week, the video has attracted over 1500 comments and 4300 shares.

In it, a man and a woman can be heard discussing the new road rule while parked on the side of the Pacific Highway filming cars braking suddenly due to a police car parked out of view of the camera.

"How can they slow down to 40 when there's just one cop car," the man asks.

"I wouldn't be."

The woman says: "They have to, otherwise you're going to get pulled up."

Then, as if to illustrate the talking point, an SUV careens into vision with its brakes screeching and rear ends a hatchback.

The new rule, introduced on September 1 for a 12-month trial period, requires motorists to slow down to 40km/h when passing a stationary emergency vehicle displaying blue or red flashing lights.

The rule also requires motorists to give way to any person on foot in the immediate area of the emergency vehicle, and motorists should not increase their speed until they are a safe distance past the vehicle.

Drivers who do not comply with the rule will face a $448 fine and three demerit points.

The video sparked a flood of comments, many people who criticised the rule rather than the driver.

One comment dubbed it "nothing but a dangerous revenue raising scam", while another called it "one of the dumbest and most life endangering laws".

"To slow from 110km to 40km without any warning is dangerous," was another comment.

But others blamed the driver.

"Inattentive driver, driving too fast and too close to the vehicle in front," Clare Moore wrote.

Lenard Conroy said the driver "everyone else slowed down to 40 kh no problems so why didn't this guy slow down... this new law didn't make this accident happen it was the arrogance of that driver that made it happen."

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