The Rafiki Mwema charity was set up by Sarah Rosborg two years ago, but she said a
The Rafiki Mwema charity was set up by Sarah Rosborg two years ago, but she said a "tidal wave of love, kindness and hope" from popular blogger Constance Hall and her Facebook community of "queens" helped push the project forward in ways she could never have imagined. Photo Contributed Contributed

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SARAH Rosborg will not remain silent, or passive, or stand by while children suffer.

Despite dedicating hundreds of hours to helping children in Kenya, the stark reality of the desperate situation continues to unfold before her.

The Lennox Head local, who came to light after her crowdfunding campaign sky-rocketed to the $200,000 mark, is impassioned by the plight of these young humans as "the ever increasing sights of suffering" highlights the very obvious fact "more is still needs to be done".

While the money raised has successfully been used to create the Queen's Castle - a four bedroom, two bathroom house on Doyle farm, including another two bedroom, one bathroom house for the girls from boarding school - the organisation is now looking into raising funds for the King's Castle.

In one post on the Instagram account, Rafiki Mwema co-founder Anne Marie discusses how six young boys will sleep their first night free from fear of abuse and danger.

As part of their continuing mission to try and negate the effects of such brutality, Anne Marie will be travelling out from the UK to present an information evening with Sarah Rosborg at Lennox Head.

Limited tickets for the February 18 event at the Beef and Beach in Lennox Head are still available.

"We will help you to see inside the way we work and 'meet' some of our children," Mrs Rosborg said.

"We will look at how we are working with such damaged kids to makes sense of their early lives and the challenges that lie ahead."

"We now have two houses where we therapeutically support boys who have survived the horrors of living alone on the streets, some boys from the tiny age of five years old," Mrs Rosberg said.

"These boys have been beaten, abused, used as sexual playmates for both men and women, often for the price of a cup of tea and without support, and could go on to continue that cycle of abuse."

The Rafiki Mwema tour will also include evenings in Sydney, Manly, Perth and Bunbury.

The information runs from 6pm-10pm and tickets can be bought online at

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