WATCH: Pope Francis takes on climate change in film spoof

WATCH: Pope Francis in action-packed climate spoof

AND this time... it's biblical.

As Pope Francis prepares to send his message for action on climate change to the world's 1.2 billion Catholics this week, a Brazillian environmental group has created an action movie trailer to capture the passion of his plea.

The Pope's "encyclical" will focus on the environment, that humans have exploited the planet's resources beyond what can be handled by the Earth.

The letter will be sent directly to the world's 5000 Catholic bishops on Thursday, published in five languages.

Pope Francis's message will describe how these threats against nature were jeopardising "creation".

In the trailer for the pontiff's battle against climate change, Pope Francis dons boxing gloves, trains with Jesus and personally chastises fossil fuel executives.

"He is a gentle man, a holy man, a man with connections," says the narrator.

"But what will he do when God's lovingly created planet, comes under attack?"

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