Tatafu Polota-Nau (centre) with Lennox Head rugby locals.
Tatafu Polota-Nau (centre) with Lennox Head rugby locals.

Wallabies offer Trojans rugby tips

THE Lennox Head Rugby Union Club rolled out the green and gold carpet this week for a visit from Wallabies Tatafu Polota-Nau and Lachlan Turner.

The pair, who are on the fringe of the national side, took time off to visit former Waratahs assistant coach Scott Wisemantel at his seaside home.

On Tuesday night the pair spent a few hours working on plays with the local first-grade side, the Trojans, and on Wednesday night it was the juniors' turn to learn from the elite.

Polota-Nau, a hooker, passed on some wise words for players at the scrum, the line-out and the breakdown, while Turner, a dashing outside back, focused on defending set plays.

Wisemantel, who finished up as assistant coach with the 'Tahs just weeks ago, said the pair were received as you would expect by a country rugby club.

“It was really good of them to offer their expertise,” Wisemantel said.

“They wanted to come up for a bit of a rest and I told them no worries, as long as they did a bit with the local kids.”

Wisemantel's relationship with his former players says a lot about the laid back nature of the Trojans tragic.

Two weeks ago, Turner wore Lennox Head club socks when playing for the Barbarians against England.

The Baa Baas were beaten 15-9 but the Trojan green and white got a run on the big stage.

“That was all Lachie's idea,” Wisemantel said. “After the storm hit he went out of his way to approach the rugby club and request permission to wear Lennox socks.”

Of course, club president Barry Kiddle fielded the request with glee.

“He contacted us and asked the question; we sent him down a package with some socks and shirts and beanies; and that was it,” Kiddle said.

“It was quite exciting.”

Though the match was screened live only on the Internet, Kiddle and many of his clubmen were glued to the broadcast.

“Unfortunately it wasn't there on the television for everyone to see,” he said.

“But they were there, and they stuck out ... for us anyway.”

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