WHEN Dylan Schenkeveld arrives with his professional gear in its serious-looking hard cases, you could be forgiven for thinking he's carrying expensive weaponry.

Until you notice the tripods, that is, and the multiple touch screen devices with colourful models of everything from houses to yachts and a Moscow museum on them.

Minutes into the conversation it's clear Mr Schenkeveld has characteristics of an artist, a tech-geek and an entrepreneur - and with his high-tech gadgets he's making a product with huge potential across a number of industries.

His three-dimensional modelling and virtual reality company Nuvision Media creates interactive 3D showcases and virtual reality products using data gathered by specialised cameras as he or his staff walk through a space.

These 3D showcases allow potential customers of the client to go online for a virtual tour of that space, Mr Schenkeveld said. They are able to engage and interact with the area, using their smart phones, tablets, laptops or computers and "walk" through the space as though they are physically there.

The vision you see when viewing the model has been captured by a camera that measured the distance between things as it moved through the spaces, creating not just vision but an accurate three-dimensional model of the entire building.

Then there's what Mr Schenkeveld calls the "doll's house" view, which is the entire space presented as a 3D floor plan from above.

Dylan Schenkeveld of Nuvsion with the latest interactive, immersive, 3D technology. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Dylan Schenkeveld of Nuvsion with the latest interactive, immersive, 3D technology. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily john mccutcheon

Tap a button and the model flips and withdraws, becoming a 3D floor plan complete with all the contents of the building.

Unlike conventional "bird's eye" floorplan sketches and models, all items within the space are recreated in the doll's house model, giving it a unique real-life feel.

The software Nuvision Media uses was developed in the USA for real estate but Mr Schenkeveld is now finding clients in owners of luxury yachts and caravans, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, offices, schools, bars and cafes. Sunshine Coast Council even commissioned the company to take "before" and "after" models of a streetscape being transformed in the Caloundra CBD.

Mr Schenkeveld became an Australian licencee just 10 months ago and his business has already grown to employ five staff and operate in five Australian states plus overseas branches in France and South Africa, and he is currently setting up in Germany.

While the technology had the potential for widespread application in real estate, where a standard three-bedroom house model could cost as little as $300, sellers of luxury items such as yachts and high-end caravans were now using it, Mr Schenkeveld said.

"When you're looking to buy or rent a $10 million yacht or buy a property interstate you may not be able to travel to the location to view it," he said.

"Therefore the owner can use our interactive 3D showcases as a marketing and advertising tool."

Within 24 hours of Nuvision collecting the visual data, customers received a webpage link to a video (3D showcase) of their item, and an embedded code for their website that shows a "complete immersive walk-through experience" of the space or place, Mr Schenkeveld said.

The link can be publicly accessible or restricted to authorised viewers through password protection.

Nuvision Media also provides Off the plan 3D rendering, 360 Panorama imaging, Virtual Reality solutions, Augmented Reality and Floor Plans.

Mr Schenkeveld may not be a soldier but his products are unique marketing weapons that could be used by any industry with a physical asset to showcase.

 Contact: http://www.nuvisionmedia.com.au and dylan@nuvisionmedia.com.au.

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