WACO: Violent Soho are  Luke Boerdam on guitar and vocals, James Tidswell on guitar and vocals, Luke Henery on bass and Michael Richards on drums.
WACO: Violent Soho are Luke Boerdam on guitar and vocals, James Tidswell on guitar and vocals, Luke Henery on bass and Michael Richards on drums. Contributed

Violent Soho brings a Waco show to Splendour

VIOLENT Soho is these days one of the darlings of Triple J radio, and there's a reason for that.

The band's latest album, Waco, released a month ago, has pumped hit singles such as Like Soda and Viceroy, so it's no surprise the band has been confirmed for its fourth Splendour performance.

Vocalist and frontman Luke Boerman spoke about the announcement from Brisbane, where the band is getting ready to start its upcoming tour in May.

How much pressure were you guys under to make a good album after Hungry Ghost (2013)?

We found ourselves in a position where we had to outdo ourselves and our last record.

Hungry Ghost took three years to write, so to follow it up within two years with all the extra touring was quite difficult, considering we had less time to write .

But we wanted to outdo ourselves, it wasn't the record label calling but more than we wanted by a certain date.

We didn't want to be 'that' band with just one decent record (laughs).

Is that going to make it easier for your next record?

Yeah. I'm more excited about a next record. We will be more open to embracing some change, going with a different producer or maybe even going overseas.

It will be different because we won't have that weight on our shoulders whether we can write another good record that is as good or even better than Hungry Ghost.

The next record, we want to move on and make it very different. We can get over the whole 'sophomore album' although (WACO) is actually our fourth record.

Do you feel the band has come of age?

Yeah. It took our band a lot of time to work out exactly what pocket we wanted to fit into. We have a lot of influences from the early 1990s but we also love a lot of new music.

The question was how do you pay homage to the past without ripping it off.

Also, how do you bring in all those influences without sounding old.

What prompted you to write about the Waco 1993 siege and massacre in the US?

There a really interesting metaphor there. For one, it's an interesting story, and the word itself aesthetically was so simple. You want to know more about it.

The story itself I'm not too fussed about it but It's pretty interesting that people are so delusional to believe their cult leader was Jesus and to go to a fight with the FBI.

It's a heavy story and it's a great metaphor for what kind of mindset are we in and what delusion do we live in.

And then you have Like Soda...

With Like Soda, there was a bowling club opposite the recording studio. I think there is something very surreal about bowling clubs. Bowling clubs feel very safe, relaxed and Australian.

They are a good ground to forget about the rest of the world, for escapism.

I guess this song is a critique, not on the clubs themselves or Australian culture, but on the fact that we can be quite complacent here and very relaxed in our ways.

I wanted to poke a hole in that illusion of safety and the Australian way of life just for a second but at the same time I'm kind of glorifying it and saying: Hey! I enjoy it too.

  • Playing on Friday, July 22.

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