Violent gate-crasher

A GROUP of teenage boys had a frightening ordeal when their party at a Federal property was gate-crashed by a group of young men who refused to leave.

In fear of being harmed, the teens locked themselves in a bedroom.

One of the intruders, Jed Vincent, 25, from Lillian Rock, received a two-year jail sentence after pleading guilty in Lismore Local Court this week to entering a building with intent and assault causing bodily harm on November 22 last year.

One of the teenagers told police a group of young men approached the house and asked about the teen party, but were told to leave.

However, Vincent said to the teens, ‘If you’ve called the cops on me I am going to kill you’, and then began slapping the face of a teenager.

Vincent and his mates kept entering the house before the door was locked against them.

Vincent then kicked in a rear door and picked up a metal candlestick, swinging it at a teenager who ran to a bedroom where 10 of his friends were hiding and locked the door.

Vincent continued to bang on the door and yell, so the teenagers climbed out the bedroom window and ran down the road.

The father of one of the teens, who was called to the scene by his son, was told by Vincent not to go inside the house.

Vincent then grabbed the man around his body with both arms, pinning the father’s arms as the pair fell to the ground.

Vincent got on top of the man, pinning his arms to the ground with his knees, then began punching him many times to his head and upper body.

Police called to the Federal Drive property about 2.30am found Vincent and three other males in a four-wheel-drive. He was handcuffed and arrested after verbally abusing police.

Defence lawyer Vince Boss said his client’s prior police record did not help, but argued Vincent had made great improvements and ‘significant inroads’ by acknowledging he was accountable for his behaviour.

This was after attending a residential program to treat his alcohol and substance abuse. He had completed many courses and Mr Boss said Vincent was turning his life around and wanted a plumbing apprenticeship. He also had an acquired brain injury.

Magistrate Robyn Denes said it was gate-crashing with violence and anyone with an acquired brain injury should not be drinking alcohol.

Ms Denes took into account the positive progress Vincent was making and said she did not want to be counter productive by keeping him in jail.

“You had no business being there. (You were) gate-crashers who harassed and assaulted two people,” Ms Denes told Vincent.

“Think how scared he would feel with you, three or four of you, inside his house. It is a very serious offence. I hope your past will not be an indicator of what your future holds.”

With seven months already served, Vincent was released from custody after his court appearance and ordered by Ms Denes to serve the remaining 17 months of his sentence by way of supervisedparole.

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