Vikings shift camp after heavy rains

FLOODED VIKINGS: Rognvald's Lith re-enactors Travis Woods searches for the next camp .
FLOODED VIKINGS: Rognvald's Lith re-enactors Travis Woods searches for the next camp . Marc Stapelberg

FANS of Viking culture and ceremony will have to stow away their mead, and shelve their swords till August as flooding has moved the Viking camp from the centre of Lismore.

The Viking horde usually descends upon Jolley field on June 25-26 for the Viking Village Solstice, hosted by Rognvald's Lith as part of the Lantern Parade festivities.

The group re-enacts Viking ways of life in Europe from 800AD to 1100AD.

"As you walk through the camp the smell of the old world fills your senses,” re-enactor Gareth McCulloch said.

"There is a pig cooking over the fire, children playing, and they Vikings are getting ready for battle,” he said.

"It is a great opportunity to come and experience a certain way of life.”

"The noise and impact of battle is certainly what got me into it,” Gareth McCulloch said.

In its fifth year, the event will boast a large semi-permanent Viking village, filled with 150 viking re-enactors.

The event was to be held at Jolley Field in Lismore from 24-25 June but wet weather has left the ground in no state for a Viking horde to make camp.

Organisers of the Viking Village Solstice will now hold the event from 19-20 August.

Lismore City Council Events Officer Leanne Clark said it was a shame the event couldn't be held in conjunction with the Lantern Parade but said everyone was having to work around the weather this year.

"The ground is just mush - we simply can't have an event of this nature at the moment, it wouldn't be safe or comfortable for anyone,” she said.

"We will still have all the other activities taking place and when the Vikings return in August it will give people another chance to come and do something in our CBD.”

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