VIDEO: The 'Disco Boob' trend at Splendour

A festival goer sporting the fashionable chest peace of glitter at Splendour in the Grass 2017 near Byron Bay.
A festival goer sporting the fashionable chest peace of glitter at Splendour in the Grass 2017 near Byron Bay. Marc Stapelberg

PARTY-GOERS lined up in droves at the Glitoris body art tent on Saturday as the 'Disco Boobs' glitter trend took off on day two of the 2017 Splendour in the Grass music festival at North Byron Bay.

Glitoris founder Grace Richard said festival organisers had to clarify their policy around nudity in response to the bold fashion statement, where glitter is painted onto bare chests.

"It's all about the nipple, it has to be covered up with tape or a lace or mesh top has to be worn over the top (of the design)," she said.

Ms Richard said she was happy to adhere to festival policy and that body art had stirred debate around feminism.

Glitoris glitter.
Glitoris glitter. Alina Rylko


"I think this is causing an interesting debate," she said.

"Men had their nipples liberated in the 1940s, before that they had to wear swimmers that covered up their nipples.

"Now we're going to see a push to free the nipple because women want to express themselves in a safe and fun way."

For Melbourne woman Samantha Marie, 21, (featured in the video) the design, applied by professional make-up artist Dylan Kirkhope was a "liberating" fashion statement.

"It's a nipple, it's nothing to be scared of. To regulate it and hide it, it makes it shameful and taboo."

Glitoris was formed four years ago in Tasmania by friends Ms Richards, Ali Gay and Victoria May and has travelled to 40 festivals this year, including Mardis Gras and Laneway.

"Glitoris is not about beauty, it's about people having fun, and just being able to make themselves look as awesome as they feel," Ms Richards said.

A high profile transgender woman helped to name the business, which would have otherwise been named Sparkle Debarkle.

Glitoris tent at Splendour in the Grass, 2017.
Glitoris tent at Splendour in the Grass, 2017.

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