VIDEO: Shark spotted in North Coast river

A VIDEO of a shark swimming in a Northern Rivers waterway has been shared more than 100 times since being posted.

Janelle Saville posted the video of a shark in the river at Evans Head on Sunday morning.

"Please beware everyone. Our shark issue is not isolated to the beach," she wrote.

"This video taken at Iron Gates rocks upriver yesterday.

"Pretty sure a bull shark. Keep safe."

Following the video being posted in the Evans Head Noticeboard Facebook group, locals have commented with their reactions.

Corinne Fisher said: "Evans is a salt water river of course there is sharks in there, it's their home, and has been for ever.

"They are in the Richmond river too and creeks and every where open to the ocean.

"There are dangerous drivers on the rd too, point being, life has some dangers out of our control.

"Alternative is reduce the risks stay indoors... Or just live until a shark or a bus hits you."

Annika Carroll said: "Wherever there is salt water running, there will be sharks.

"The best solution would be to put off the fishing classic for a year or so to generate more food for them.

"How long has it been for a fisherman around the rocks and beaches, to catch a legal sized fish these past few weeks/months?

"If there's nothing for fisherman imagine how hard life is for the sharks!"

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