VIDEO: Mischievous mice infest McDonalds playground

A NEW Zealand council is investigating reports of rodent infestation at a South Auckland McDonald's.

A diner at the Manurewa branch, on the corner of Great South and Weymouth Rds, filmed at least five mice running around the playground last Thursday.


The play area has been closed, but the restaurant remains open and is serving food to its customers.

Ashwin Rangarajan told the Herald he had taken his 3-year-old daughter for a Happy Meal at the fast-food outlet when he saw the rodents.

"After dinner, I went to the counter to ask why the playground was locked and they said it was because there was a mouse there.

"I counted about five mice there."

He was amazed the restaurant was still open. "I was disgusted ... The whole restaurant should have been closed until it was dealt with. For all they know there could have been one or two running in the kitchen."

Mr Rangarajan's video was posted to Facebook on Wednesday and was rapidly shared.

A McDonald's New Zealand spokeswoman said the mice problem was ongoing in the play area - but no mice had been found in the restaurant. But the matter was being taken seriously and steps were under way to address it, including cleaning the play area last night.

Other measures included setting traps and working with an external pest control company.

The door to the playground had been locked.


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