Veteran freediver tells of being hit by 2m bull shark

A MAN who had his foot sliced open in an encounter with a shark east of Bundaberg on Saturday afternoon is a 20-year diving veteran.

The 38-year-old, who did not want to be named, said he was freediving about 6pm at Bargara when a two-metre plus bull shark nudged him in the ribs while he was in up to 8m under water.

"It came up and gave me a bit of a nudge - quite a hard hit," the man said yesterday.

"As I've turned around I've seen it coming back at me again.

"It's hit my foot and its mouth was open and I got some pretty deep lacerations to my foot and my hands as well from when I spun around and tried to push it off me.

"Then it's swam away and disappeared. 

"It wasn't an attack. It was more of an encounter."

The man said he had been diving since he was a teenager and he accepted the risk when he went swimming in the area.

He told The Courier-Mail he was anti-shark culling and said the incident had been overhyped by the authorities.

"I've seen helicopters flying over the beach and signs put up - it's scaring everyone in the town," he said.

The man said it took him some time to swim back to shore with the injury.

He was also without his phone at the time.

He finally returned home to his partner, who attempted to drive him to the hospital, but out of concern for his injuries they pulled over and called an ambulance instead.

"I started feeling nauseous and we pulled over - that's when the ambulance was called because we didn't know what to do," he said.

The man said he didn't require stitches to his right foot, despite the injuries.

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