Wayne Dover
Wayne Dover

VERDICT: Wayne Dover accused not guilty of manslaughter

TWO Sunshine Coast men have been found not guilty of the manslaughter of Wayne Dover.

Wade Leigh Goldsworthy, 30, and Matthew John Hill, 30, sobbed and embraced family after a Brisbane jury found they were not responsible for Mr Dover's death on November 30, 2013, outside the Factory nightclub in Maroochydore.

The jury deliberated for almost two days before reaching a verdict about 6pm on Friday.

The trial ran for almost three weeks under Justice Martin Burns.

After a night out with his wife Michelle, it was alleged Mr Dover and the men got into a fight after the nightclub closed.

A security guard testified he found Mr Dover on the floor, bleeding from every orifice in his head.

Mr Dover, a Sunshine Coast businessman and AFL coach, died from a severed artery in his neck on the pavement outside the club.

He also had fractures to his right cheekbone and eye socket.

Both Mr Goldsworthy's lawyer Simon Lewis and Mr Hill's barrister Kila Pedder had suggested Mr Dover fell, and that caused his fatal injuries. 

It had been raining that night.

Mr Lewis told the jury on Tuesday his client was the victim of an "unprovoked assault" from Mr Dover on the night the businessman died. 

He questioned the reliability of witnesses. 

Mr Pedder told the jury that there was little evidence proving his client killed Mr Dover.

Lawyers told the jury CCTV footage supported their claims Blake slipped and fell some distance from the incident involving Mr Dover.

Wade Goldsworthy's brother, Blake, also charged with the death, was acquitted after Justice Burns said there was no case for him to answer.

During the trial, allegations were raised that friends of the Goldsworthy brothers had approached witness Bianca Evangalista and Mr Hill in an effort to pressure her.

Ms Evangelista said Wade Goldsworthy had called Mr Dover 'a sleaze' and had told her Mr Dover was touching a girl upstairs 'on the arse' before the fatal incident.

Ms Evangelista, who has known Mr Hill for nine years, said when the altercation began, Mr Hill had moved towards Mr Dover, but she had pulled him away as she did not want him to get involved.

The defence argued another witness, Nathaniel James Bierton, who told the court he saw three men stomping on Mr Dover's head, was 'exaggerating' the truth in order to present himself as local hero.


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