Up your Magnesium to improve your health

NATURALLY found in many foods, magnesium, as with most nutrients, vitamins and minerals, is required by our bodies to stay healthy.

When our bodies are magnesium deficient, the symptoms aren't always obvious and are similar to the symptoms of many other deficiencies. You may feel tired and cranky or depressed, have an irregular heart rhythm, trouble sleeping soundly and in more extreme cases, have muscle spasms.

Early signs of magnesium deficiency can include gastrointestinal disturbances; this can range from a loss of appetite, to nausea and vomiting.

Many studies have also shown a link between magnesium deficiency and high blood pressure, showing that volunteer participants, with low magnesium levels were more likely to experience hypertension, or high blood pressure. However, research that uses magnesium therapy to treat hypertension has, at times also offered conflicting results. In some cases it has been successful, but not in all cases.

Chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders have also been linked to magnesium deficiency. Several recent studies have suggested that the consumption of magnesium supplements may play a key role in restoring regular sleeping patterns.

There has also been much research done on the impacts of magnesium deficiency on the nervous system. In some instances, the mineral seems to have an extremely positive effect on stress, anxiety and some symptoms of depression.

So where is the best place to get yourself a top-up of magnesium, the natural way and without the use of supplements?

Regularly consuming a variety of green leafy vegetables, in particular, spinach (also a great source of iron), along with peanuts, almonds and whole grains. Add some avocado, legumes and yoghurt and you should be off to a great start. Generally, foods that are rich in dietary fibre are also rich in magnesium.

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