Lexus welcomes students

STARTING university can involve an overwhelming array of decisions around everything from buying books to finding a place to live.

But Lismore's External and Undergraduate Student Association (Lexus) has created a welcome pack to help new students at Southern Cross University.

Lexus vice-president Ashleigh Dodd, 22, said the guide includes advice on everything from budgeting to renting properties.

"We're giving all students a USB that contains all the resources on the university website they need to know before they start their course," Ms Dodd said.

The guide contains information on university style guides, fin- ancial assistance, clubs and societies and careers advice, as well as all the social activities happening at university.

There's also information about services available on campus such as the library, the equity and diversity office and the counselling and medical services.

For new students looking to rent a house or share a property, Ms Dodd has some advice and warnings.

"The university classifieds have listings of shared accommodation, but make sure you spend the time to get to know the people you could be living with.

"If you're renting, avoid places that lock you into a contract for 12 months just in case you do have a problem with your house mates."

Students wishing to save money may also be able to find the books they need in the library or in the union's second-hand bookstore.

Ms Dodd said it's important for students to start university on the right foot by introducing themselves to their assessors and people in their class.

"If you never introduce yourself you can end up sitting at the back of the class for your whole semes- ter and you won't get a lot out of it. Whereas if you introduce yourself early it's easier to ask them for help if you run into problems and the staff at Southern Cross are absolutely wonderful," she said.

Ms Dodd said students were "somewhat spoon-fed" in high school but at university it's important to be disciplined and set your own goals.

"You are responsible for your own study and if you don't rock up to class your teacher will not call you asking why.... so you really need to take that initiative yourself," she said.

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