Uni race day patron a big loser

UNIVERSITY Race Day at the Lismore Turf Club this year proved to be a different race for one young punter who went off the rails headlong into an offensive verbal stoush and physical clash with police.

Joseph Schubert, 24, of Suffolk Park, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court this week to using offensive language, resisting police officers and being an excluded person who failed to leave premises when directed.

Police saw Schubert at 4.30pm on May 2 kicking and striking out with his legs at two security officers trying to remove him from the turf club’s licensed area.

Police facts state that when police grabbed Schubert by his arms he continued to struggle violently, kicking out.

As they tried to handcuff him, Schubert let loose with a torrent of abuse and kicked one officer in the legs.

As he continued to struggle police said a crowd of 50 people gathered and as the race-goers became hostile police called for urgent back-up, with Schubert containing to threaten the officers.

Defence barrister Simon Priestley said the architectural worker had not been drunk, but when he went to get a drink an unknown person struck him to the ground.

Mr Priestley said his client had a prosthetic left eye with no left peripheral vision and had been concussed, but when he stood up security officers immediately grabbed him.

“He protested he had done nothing wrong, but he was in a dishevelled state and felt he was the victim,” Mr Priestley said.

He said Schubert had never been in trouble with police before. He said his client’s language was terrible, with no allegation he had assaulted police but that he himself was injured.

The barrister asked for a Section 10 bond (without conviction), saying a conviction for street violence would prevent Schubert joining the Australian Association of Architects.

The presiding magistrate fined Schubert $700.

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