Bowlers' futures in doubt

THE voluntary administration of the licensed Bangalow Bowling Club has ripped the heart out of the many bowlers who have carriage of the 102-year history of the club.

They may be down but they are not beaten - championships and pennants will be contested but it is a matter of where they will be able to have a roll-up.

Lawler Partners have been appointed as receivers and have forbidden bowls on the green the members have painstakingly maintained.

The members' efforts to reel in costs have been admirable.

The men's sub-club had more than $16,000 in the bank but Lawler Partners have frozen the account while the women's had previously transferred their funds to the club.

Whether the men will ever see their hard-earned again is the $64 question and the probability of playing on their beloved green again is also up in the air.

The women, who have no pennants or championship teams, will meet next Tuesday to discuss their playing options.

The men are actively exploring their options and negotiating moving home pennants and championship games to other venues.

The administrator's representative Sam Wade said: "We have a no-comment policy when it comes to the media."

I find that sort of response for information frustrating to the point where this scribe feels for the rank and file - not knowing if they will ever get to play on the grass they love so much.

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