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Ukrainian scam almost costs man $2000

A MAN trying to sell his campervan almost fell victim to a scam after he was asked to pay for courier fees.

Richmond Police District senior constable David Henderson said the seller, who lives on the Northern Rivers was contacted by a man called 'Steven Nash' who said he was working in a mine in the Northern Territory and had no access to a phone or credit card.

"(Steven Nash) was prepared to buy the campervan at a price higher than what was being advertised and would have a courier send the van to him," snr constable Henderson said.

"The victim received an email that looked like it was from Paypal, confirming the payment was made.

"He also received an email from 'Steven Nash' saying that he had to pay a $1718 courier fee via email.

"The victim has made some inquiries about the email address for the courier, it originated in Kiev.

"The victim was savvy enough to realise that it was a scam.

"The email purporting to be from Paypal was a fake, and of course no money had been transferred to the victim's Paypal account.

"The scammer was hoping that the victim would pay the $1718 transfer fee.

"Once they did they would be asked for more and more 'fees' to be paid. Our victim did not pay the money and contacted police."

Snr Const Henderson said this type of scam was quite common.

"I have heard of it being played out a few times on the Northern Rivers," he said.

"If you are selling any sort of vehicles online it really is a scam you need to be aware of.

"You should never release any goods you have for sale until you can 100 per cent verify the money owed is in your Paypal or bank account.

"If anyone tries to buy a car or vehicle off you and you can't physically see them or speak to them, tread lightly."

Snr constable Henderson gave some tips on signs to look out for when you think something could be a scam:

  • The buyer claims they are in a remote location (Afghanistan, an oil rig, a mining site), cannot phone you and doesn't have a credit card.
  • They offer you a price higher than what you are asking; they may say it's a birthday present for a child.
  • They want the sale completed very quickly
  • They want you to pay for a courier to transport the vehicle
  • You will get an email from Paypal or similar claiming the purchase price has been transferred.

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