Two stuck together having sex? Very unlikely

A REPORT from popular Italian newspaper Il Mattino about an Italian couple who required hospital treatment after getting "stuck together" while having sex has been picked up from everyone to the New York Daily News to British national newspapers.

The couple were reportedly at the beach near Porto San Giorgio in Italy when they got amorous.

Reports say "suction" led to them getting stuck together, leading to a trip to a nearby hospital.

However experts have told i100 the details of the story are very unlikely to be accurate.

Professor Helen Ward, an expert in Public Health from Imperial College London told i100 "I wouldn't say it's impossible, nothing's impossible, but I think it sounds highly unlikely."

She said that if two people did get stuck together briefly, the man would likely manage to release himself by losing his erection.

Separately a spokesperson for Brook told i100: "It does actually have a medical term 'penis captivus', if you will.

From what we gather it is exceptionally rare, but it can happen (but not necessarily because of water or 'suction' though), and is something that occurs more frequently in animals than humans.

Research suggests that, for most couples, if this happened it would last a matter of seconds, so it would be incredibly rare for a couple to require medical help."

A BBC article in February also looked at the issue, and spoke to Dr Aristomenis Exadaktylos, who authored a study of admissions to his hospital in Bern over 11 years.

He said he had never found a case of a man getting stuck inside a woman.

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