James Brown (left) and Ryan Hawken.
James Brown (left) and Ryan Hawken.

Two men bashed tourist at Nimbin

TWO men accused of thevicious bashing of a tourist on Boxing Day in Rainbow Lane at Nimbin, had attacked without provocation, a committal hearing at Lismore Local Court has been told.

James Brown, 25, and Ryan Hawken, 21, have each been charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in company to Joshua England, and assault causing him bodily harm, on December 26, 2008.

Giving evidence in Lismore Local Court on Friday afternoon, Kiomee-Lee Wilcockson, the fiancée of Mr England, detailed how the couple had taken a stroll to see the sights on what was her first visit to the village.

She said they had been sitting on a bench seat halfway down the laneway when an unprovoked attack took place that left Mr England badly injured.

Cross-examined by lawyer Paul Smart for Hawken, Ms Wilcockson said she did not know that Rainbow Lane had a reputation for where to be able to buy cannabis.

“You were in the lane to buy cannabis,” Mr Smart asserted.

“No,” she replied.

“Was there a disagreement over the price of cannabis?” Mr Smart persisted.

“Not true, sorry,” she said.

Ms Wilcockson said her fiancé was speaking to an Aboriginal man who quickly fled the scene when the trouble began not long after a man walked past and made a comment.

Moments later, she said, another ‘bloke came straight up to Josh’ and the violence started when the man hit her fiancé.

She said there had been no argument to instigate the violence.

“Did you say ‘smash em babe’,” asked Mr Smart.

“I can’t remember, I was in shock,” Ms Wilcockson said.

She said it was not true that her fiancé landed the first punch.

“I did not see Josh throw a punch at all,” she said.

Brown is accused of kicking Mr England on the head and body with force while he was injured on the ground.

The part-heard hearing was adjourned to March 4.

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