UPDATE: Lenore Manietta is lucky to be alive after a car crashed through her house this morning, only metres from where she was eating breakfast.

The Eastern Heights woman and her dog Rocky were in the dining room just before 10am when the vehicle smashed into her house, through a bedroom and into the loungeroom.

Two people, the occupants of the vehicle, are in hospital after the crash on Roberston Rd.

"I was sitting having breakfast and the next minute it was like an explosion, glass came flying through the entrance to the dining room," Lenore said.

"I thought 'Oh my god what's happened?'

"I got up, went through the entrance and there was a car in the house. I couldn't believe it, it had come through the whole house from the front to the back. I was very lucky to be where I was at the time, and with my dog too."

Ms Manietta said that the sound was like a bomb had gone off.

"Bang! It was just an explosion. I went to the car, and I couldn't get the gentleman out. I could see him in there, so I said 'Don't move, don't get out', and there was stuff all around the car. I couldn't open the door, and some guys came running on to help. I told them to ring everybody, ambulance, fire, police, the lot.

"I heard his wife had said to him slow down along Raceview Street, and they think he had a medical episode. He missed cars coming down the road and straight into my home. Thankfully I wasn't in the bedroom, as that's demolished now."

Lenore has lived at the intersection of Raceview St and Robertson Rd without incident, but is now considering getting a lotto ticket after recently getting out of hospital herself.

"I've lived here for 32 years and never had anything like this ever. We had a fire down the road where a gentleman lost his life, and now this. But I'm okay, and so is Rocky. That's what matters.

"The car has gone right through to the back door, and there's structural damage, bricks have come away from the wall…he must have been flying.

"Hopefully he'll be okay."


Two hurt as car smashes into house

EARLIER: Two people are in hospital after a vehicle crashed into a house this morning.

The incident occurred on Roberston Rd at Eastern Heights at 9.40am.

Multiple patients were assessed at the scene.

Two patients were later transported to Ipswich Hospital, one with neck pain and one with chest pain.

More to come.

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