Girl, 12, raised alarm after mother brutally killed

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl raised the alarm after her mother and another man were brutally slain at a Coolum Beach home overnight.

Neighbours told the ABC they heard multiple gunshots outside a home where two people were murdered and a man was shot by police.

The girl, in the house at the time,  ran to a neighbour's house in Yandina-Coolum Road at Coolum around 10pm on Wednesday night telling them two people had been stabbed in the house.

It is understood the alleged offender charged at police while armed with both a knife and a machete.

After he refused to drop the weapons and continued to come at the two officers on the scene, he was shot repeatedly.

One neighbour told ABC television he heard 'five distinct shots'.

The man later died in hospital.

Police remain at the scene of the gruesome double murder, collecting evidence.

The girl was initially cared for by neighbours but is likely to be under the care of extended family or police.

Earlier, the Daily revealed the two people killed inside the Coolum home were said to have been in a long term, stable relationship according to neighbours.

The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered inside a Yandina-Coolum Rd home by police about 10pm on Wednesday after they were confronted with an out-of-control man, believed to be the brother of one of the victim, who failed to comply with a police direction to surrender.

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A senior constable with more than 10 years experience was forced to shoot the man, the police union said.

He later died in hospital.

Neighbours told The Daily the male victim worked as a builder and the female victim worked part time as a cleaner.

They had lived at the Yandina-Coolum Rd address for several years.

Their bodies were removed from the house this morning.

Police on the scene at  Yandina Coolum Rd. Photo Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily
Police on the scene at Yandina Coolum Rd. Photo Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily Darryn Smith

One resident who heard the shots echo around her neighbourhood said she felt uncomfortable immediately.

"I thought, 'It doesn't sound like fireworks, it doesn't sound like a car back firing'," the woman said.

"I wasn't game to go outside. I thought, 'I didn't like the sound of that'."

"When I found out what it was, I thought, 'oh, my God'."

"I didn't want to go outside because I didn't know if there might be someone running around outside."

Matt Craven was home with his two children when he heard the gunshots.

"It sounded like a really loud bang. The sirens where almost within minutes of this noise.

"I didn't think to much of it until I started to hear sirens... after about 10 minutes or so I didn't hear anything."

Supt Maurice Carless said when police then entered a nearby home they found the bodies of a man and a woman.

It is understood they suffered horrific injuries.

Supt Carless says it is not known if the three people knew each other or if any of them lived at the house.

There are unconfirmed reports the two killed were slain with a machete or very large knife.

Supt Carless would not comment on how the drama unfolded, saying it was a matter for the Coroner.

Police have not confirmed that the man killed by police was responsible for the double murder.

But he confirmed: "The crime scene is a significant one which is being covered and closely examined.''

"It is too early to determine where things occurred.''

"The exact unfolding of events is a matter that will be examined by the Coroner,'' Supt Carless said.

He said the police were still in the early stages of identifying who had been killed.

Forensic police have been joined by homicide detectives as well as officers from the Police Ethical Standards Command.

Queensland Police Union's Ian Leavers tweeted this photo from the scene of the Coolum shooting. He was there to support police.
Queensland Police Union's Ian Leavers tweeted this photo from the scene of the Coolum shooting. He was there to support police.


Ian Leavers, from the Queensland Police Union, said the police officer, who was accompanied by a constable in his first year of service, had no choice but to shoot after being confronted in the dark.

The drama unfolded about 10pm at the Yandina-Coolum Rd home.

Mr Leavers said the police were just starting their shift when they got the call out for what they thought was a routine domestic.

"It was very quiet,'' he said of the initial scene as police arrived.

But he said police were then confronted by the man and the more senior officer fired to protect himself and his colleague.

Mr Leavers said the Queensland Police Union and police colleagues would be doing all they could to support the officers involved in the shooting.

Mr Leavers said police never wanted to be put and only resorted to using their weapon as a last resort.

"They are doing it very tough at the moment.''

Mr Leavers said the senior constable was himself a family man with a wife and two children.

He said the officers had spent the night being interviewed by officers from the Police Ethical Standards Command.

"It will live with the police officers for the rest of their lives,'' he said of the impact.

Police issued a second statement just after 6.30am, saying they would be remaining on the scene for most of the day.

They confirmed the man who was injured when shot by police had since died after being taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Yandina-Coolum Road will remain blocked at the intersections of Central Avenue and Centenary Heights Road and it is expected it may be blocked most of the day.


Police at the scene of a Coolum Beach shooting where a man and a woman was found dead. Photo: Ten News/Twitter
Police at the scene of a Coolum Beach shooting where a man and a woman was found dead. Photo: Ten News/Twitter


Police say man and woman found dead at scene, police shoot third

 Earlier, police issued a statement saying they had been called to a residence around 10pm following reports of a disturbance.

"A man was injured when an officer discharged his firearm and he is currently in a serious condition in Nambour Hospital,'' police said.

"A man and a woman were also found deceased at the scene."

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

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