Two different zones tick off residents

TIME WARP: Tweed Heads local mum, Wendy Van den Akker enjoys having more afternoon sunshine with her children during daylight saving time.
TIME WARP: Tweed Heads local mum, Wendy Van den Akker enjoys having more afternoon sunshine with her children during daylight saving time. SCOTT POWICK

THERE may be a new government in Queensland under Labor's Annastacia Palaszczuk, but the old attitudes prevail when it comes to daylight saving.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest says the new government is taking a similar tack to former premier Campbell Newman in refusing to introduce daylight saving, which comes into effect in NSW tomorrow.

One of the key reasons for setting up the Office of the Cross-Border Commissioner was to attempt to resolve the impasse on daylight saving.

The organisation's commissioner James McTavish was approached for comment this week but he was on leave.

The office of Premier Palaszczuk was asked for comment but did not return a formal response before deadline.

However, a spokesman said it was his understanding that the answer would be an "emphatic no" to putting clocks forward.

The first Sunday of October marks the beginning of a divisive time for many in the region, as NSW residents put their clocks forward an hour.

The time difference between the border towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta "destroys the family fabric", according to Mr Provest.

Tweed Heads mum Wendy Van den Akker says she would love to see Queensland introduce daylight saving.

She embraces the time warp, which gives her some extra invaluable daylight to spend with her children in the afternoons.

"I like to have that extra hour of daylight at the end of my day, not at the start when I'm sleeping," she said.

"You have more time with your family."

While daylight saving may give locals some extra time for a post-work surf, the many people who live and work on opposite sides of the border are often, understandably, frustrated.

Mr Provest said he had previously tried - to no avail - to convince the previous Queensland Government to get on board.

He said the new Queensland government had expressed "no desire" to adopt daylight saving.

Meanwhile, a lobby group is pushing to shorten the period of daylight saving by about a month.

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