True romantics, handy hunters, and our Photo of the Day

Tawny Frogmouths at Coraki.
Tawny Frogmouths at Coraki. Roseanne Birmingham

ROSEANNE Birmingham shared this wonderful shot of two tawny frogmouths at Coraki.

This is the second shot of these fascinating birds submitted by Roseanne. The last one did not make it through, but this one was a clear winner in yesterday's poll, picking up 42% of the vote.

Some interesting facts about tawny frogmouths:

  • although they're often described as such, they're not actually owls,
  • they are, however, nocturnal hunters - which might be why they look a bit drowsy in this image,
  • the prey they go for is like a shopping list of critters we'd like to have fewer of around the house, ranging from mice to the snails that like to eat your lettuces,
  • they're romantics and home bodies. They mate for life and once they've settled in an area they stay there a long time - 10 years or more,

The Photo of the Day is intended to highlight the natural beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of the region's photographers. As well as appearing here, it is published on Page 2 of The Northern Star's print edition, as the cover image on our  Facebook page, and appears as part of an expanding gallery, which you can see below.

To submit an image for Photo of the Day, just go to our Facebook page and share it.

Now to tomorrow. We have only two photos to choose from for tomorrow's Photo of the Day, although both are excellent.

Take a look at the poll below and choose your favourite. You can see bigger versions of the images by clicking here.

Voting closes at noon.

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