Truckie hauls supermarkets over coals

LENNOX HEAD truckie Craig Standage said the biggest problem for truck drivers was hauling goods for supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

Mr Standage, who has been driving trucks for 30 years, said the big retailers insisted truck drivers delivered goods at set times, known in the industry as time-slotted freight.

If a truck driver arrived early they were made to wait. Mr Standage said some drivers were made to wait up to five hours.

“And if you're running late and you miss your time slot they give you another slot and you have to wait,” he said.

Mr Standage said it cost truck drivers money to wait and then they had to spend a lot of time on the road to make up for it.

Mr Standage said he did not deal with time-slotted freight on principle.

“Truck drivers should tell them where to go,” he said.

Mr Standage said the trucking industry was highly regulated while recreational drivers, like the grey nomads, had none.

“Any Joe Blow can strap on a caravan and cause havoc on the roads,” he said.

Mr Standage said grey nomads dawdled on the roads and did not allow trucks the opportunity to pass.

He said more should be done to educate the public about sharing roads with trucks.

A day in the life of Lennox Head truckie Craig Standage
  • 7am: Wakes up in the back of the truck in Melbourne.
  • 8.30am: Begins loading the truck.
  • 10am: Leaves Melbourne.
  • 1.45pm: Stops for lunch.
  • 3.45pm: Stops to stretch his legs.
  • 6.15pm: Stops at Goulbourn for a toasted sandwich and a shower.
  • 7pm: Stops on the motorway before Sydney for a stretch.
  • 9.15pm: Stops for the night at a parking bay near Newcastle.
  • 7am: Back on the road.
  • 9.15pm: Stops at Port Macquarie for breakfast.
  • 3pm: Arrives at Lennox Head.

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