Road rage is just a fact of life for truckies

UPDATE: ROAD rage is just a part of daily life on the road truckies say.

This comes after a suspected road rage attack on Melbourne's Western Ring Road this morning were it's alleged a motorist tried to run over a truck driver after the truck had "sideswiped" the car.

Commenting on the Big Rigs Facebook page truckies have said they have to deal with road rage on a daily basis.

Tyronne Tunza Bony said nearly every time he gets in his truck for a run up the Bruce he'll "get flipped off and abused".

The reaon: "coz I've somehow hindered/inconvenienced somebody out there".

"Had one clown throw a half-sucked stubbie of beer at me coz he thought I looked at him funny, lost how many times I've been 'braked-checked' by deluded little people," he said.

Glenn Womersley said the biggest problem in Melbourne was the numbers of speed cameras.

"So many speed cameras unmarked like any other state, cars hit the brakes at every overpass and sit five kms under the limit in the trucks blind spot.  Car drivers are sheep down there they just follow the cars in front very often I'm doing 70 in a 100 zone with just two cars in front it's dangerous and frustrating then they start tapping the brakes ppl simply don't care if 60 tonnes hits them and it's always the truck at fault," he said.

But they're fighting back, one truckie suggested a dash cam was the best defence.


Earlier: A TRUCK driver was the victim of a suspected road rage attack on Melbourne's Western Ring Road this morning.

The attack happened after a crash between the truck and a car and a witness told 3AW the truck "sideswiped" the car before both drivers confronted each other.

The witness said the driver of the car then got behind the wheel and attempted to run the truckie over.

Nine News reported there were heavy traffic delays after the incident which was confirmed by Victoria Police.

There are also reports a man who pulled over to assist with the crash was then carjacked and left traumatised.

Read more at Nine News

Have you ever been the victim of road rage?  Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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