NAME GAME: Kerene Bienke with her children Mia and William, 5, in Skennars Head.
NAME GAME: Kerene Bienke with her children Mia and William, 5, in Skennars Head. Marc Stapelberg

Traditional and popular: The baby names of 2014

WHAT are the chances?

Ballina mum Kerene Bienke struck baby name popularity gold with both her two kids William and Mia.

Ms Bienke has the rare honour of having both her children's names ranked number one in popularity in the year of their birth.

Her five year-old son William's name was the most popular name in his birth year in 2009, and she's just discovered her seven-month-old bub Mia has the most popular girl's name of 2014.

Not that she was trying to be like everyone else.

In fact, rather than following the latest trends, the names were both something of a family tradition.

"Mia is my middle name, and it's a shortened name for Maria, and that's my mum's name," Ms Bienke said.

"I also love my middle name more than I love my first name," she admitted.

And the name Mia was decided upon before William was born, in case he was a girl.

"We knew we weren't doing the whole 'let's wait and see what they look like' thing," she laughed

"But she definitely looks like a Mia."

"It's a very cute name."

Meanwhile, young William was named after his great-grandfather and grandfather, who both shared it as their middle name.

They also had a great uncle called William.

"For us the names are a tradition. That's what they mean to us."



Top 10 girls' names:

  • Mia
  • Willow
  • Isabella
  • Sophie
  • Ella
  • Charlotte
  • Ruby
  • Scarlett
  • Ava
  • Ivy

Top 10 boys' names:

  • Noah
  • Mason
  • Oliver
  • Charlie
  • William
  • Cooper
  • Hunter
  • Jack
  • Max
  • Ethan


What's in a name?

WHEN it comes to naming your child, the opinion of one particular group of people should always be considered.

That is Sabrina Rogers-Anderson's advice to parents naming their newborns.

While researching names and naming trends she said many employers had admitted they could not help but judge a person by their name.

Ms Rogers-Anderson says they found themselves prejudiced by certain names or unique spelling.

With resumes often the first impression potential employers got for would-be employees, a person's name could sometimes make or break their chances.



Northern Rivers passes on bogan favourites

IT IS the unusual girls' names that are becoming the norm in Northern New South Wales with names such as Willow and Ivy among the most popular for newborns.

But as the Willows and Ivys of the area which includes Lismore, Kyogle, Casino, Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Ballina begin to crawl and bawl, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson (correct) is looking to what's hot and what's not in names for their potential brothers and sisters in 2015.

The writer's tongue-in-cheek column about the best bogan baby names on website Kidspot (correct) sparked ire and amusement among parents across Australia earlier this year.

Ms Rogers-Anderson, who consults a demographer about naming trends, expects to see a spike in Royal names after the birth of Prince George and visit to Australia.

She says although many people found inspiration from the names celebrities and Royals gave their children, it often took years before those names were accepted and evolved into trends.

Ms Rogers-Anderson is a mother and she predicts vintage names such as Charlotte and Ruby will remain popular, along with surnames used as given names, such as Parker and Harper.

None of her top 10 bogan names for boys and girls, including Holden, Cruz, Cheyenne, Mercedes and Skylah, was among Northern NSW's most popular names.

With NSW's births, deaths and marriages registry unable to collate 2014's top 10 names yet, 2013's show that while parents preferred traditional names for boys, it was a different story for girls.

Charlie, William and Oliver were popular traditional names, with the biblical Noah number one.

Vintage names like Scarlett, and short and sweet Mia, Ella and Ava were popular choices for parents with girls.


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