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Towers not wanted in backyards

SEVERAL Rosebank property owners turned down about $5000 a year to host a telecommunications tower for the National Broadband Network in what may be one of dozens such facilities to be constructed across the Northern Rivers.

The Northern Star understands NBN contractor Visionstream's first five approaches to property owners in the village were rejected due to concerns about the towers' impact on children's safety as well as land valuations and visual amenity.

But it is believed a location has now been found at the top of a ridgeline which has the community's support.

One property owner in the village centre had been prepared to host the tower, until they consulted neighbours and found they were vehemently opposed to it.

A resident said she would have had a tower just 250 metres from her home had her neighbours not shown consideration for the community's wishes.

She said they were fortunate to live in a tight-knit and supportive community or the issue could have caused a lot more conflict.

She said the NBN rollout was much needed in the area as internet access was very patchy, but not at the expense of their children's health.

"We would have been absolutely devastated. We would have sold; we would have lost money," the resident said.

There's not the history of this technology to know the long-term impacts.


She advised other communities approached by NBN to work together to find a location acceptable to all.

As reported by The Star last week, the NBN rollout may include up to 18 telecommunications towers to be constructed across the Lismore local government area alone.

NBN Co representatives have been visiting North Coast councils over the last couple of weeks to discuss rollout plans for their fixed wireless network.

A spokesperson has said their priority was to co-locate on existing infrastructure where possible.

The council will receive a briefing from NBN representatives in January.

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