Tough new laws on the way for 'king hit' attackers

KING hit attackers will face a minimum eight years and a maximum of 25 years jail under new laws introduced by the NSW government aimed at curbing instances of alcohol or drug-fuelled violence.

The proposed new legislation comes after the king hit deaths of Thomas Kelly in July 2012, and Daniel Christie this month in Kings Cross.

Since November 2011, six king-hit attacks on the Northern Rivers have led to the death of three men.

A king hit is any instance where a single blow to the head, neck or chest causes the victim to fall to the ground unconscious.

Daryl Close was killed after being king hit outside the Kyogle Hotel in November 2011.

An alleged king hit at Kingscliff by former NRL player Craig Field in July 2012 resulted in the death of Kelvin Kane.

Peter Morris died in hospital a week after being allegedly king hit by Paul Lane at Casino in September 2012.

NSW Parliament will be recalled next week to implement some of the new measures as quickly as possible.

When announcing the new penalties, NSW premier Barry O'Farrell said he was responding to "the community's call for action."

"I have been horrified by the continued drug and alcohol-fuelled attacks on city streets, and the increase in violence used in these attacks," he said.


At a glance: new rules, penalties

A 20 year maximum sentence if a person dies as a result of a one punch assault.

An eight year minimum and 25 year maximum sentence for drug and alcohol affected one-punch assaults.

10pm closing time for all bottle shops state-wide.

On-the-spot fines for anti-social behaviour increased to a maximum of $1100.

Police empowered to drug and alcohol test suspects of violent assaults.

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