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Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Top Reasons Why Macau is a Favorite Destination of Rich People

Affluent people can go anywhere they want. It is a privilege they enjoy with all the wealth they have. Mostly, rich people take pleasure in travelling around the world for two reasons: business or pleasure. And one of their favorite destinations in Asia is Macau.

For travel buffs, there are so many must-see tourist spots in Macau. Travelers will surely be in trance when they see the ancient fortresses and old churches. These structures will serve as remembrance of the former colonial master of the country - Portugal. Furthermore, tourists can visit famous shrines and temples. However, Macau’s attractions are not only the reasons why wealthy people visit the country. There are other things that entice well-off people to check out Macau.

Investment Opportunity

Tourism industry in Macau is booming. With thousands of tourists coming over, it cannot be denied that businesses related to travel and tourism are reaping success. And so, this is a great opportunity that rich people cannot afford to miss. Businessmen are always on the lookout for more prospects to expand their business enterprises or even venture into a new field.

Many entrepreneurs visit Macau to scrutinize what type of business has great potentials. With thousands of tourists coming to the country, hotel development is a clever choice. For hotel owners, they are likely to branch out in Macau to enhance the brand name and introduce themselves to local people. Other investment opportunities include restaurants, shopping centers, beauty centers and real estate (townhouses and villas).

Special Sport Events

Aside from tourism, Macau is also famous for gambling. When talking about gambling, it does not necessarily mean casino games. One good example of non-casino gambling is betting in a sport event. Boxing is perhaps the most common sport event wherein millionaires bet enormous amount of money. If Las Vegas has MGM arena to host boxing events, Macau is a popular venue for this kind of sport. In fact, some wealthy people even visit the country just to witness the event.

Another sport event that attracts lots of tourists is the annual Grand Prix. The Macau Grand Prix is a famous motor-racing event which gained reputation as one of the most demanding circuits in the world. It is widely known for its street circuit in which both motorcycles and cars race on closed off public streets and road in a city. The very highlight of the event is the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix wherein champions and racers from around the world take part to snatch the title.

Gaming Entertainment

Las Vegas is widely known as the entertainment capital of the world. No wonder why it houses numerous entertainment districts and first class casinos like Eastside Cannery. But in Southeast Asia, Macau is the counterpart for Vegas. This country features several gaming centers to accommodate all the tourists. Wealthy visitors can enjoy plenty of games such as roulette and poker.

Undeniably, Macau is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. But for well-off people, this nation is more than just a vacation destination. It offers tons of business opportunities and unparalleled activities for pleasure. So, these are the tops reasons why Macau is a hot spot for high-profile people.

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