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Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the field.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the field. John Waddell

Top environmental experts in one room - and you're invited

'SHARKS in the Swimming Pool' is just one of the topics being discussed at Southern Cross University for its inaugural Doors Open event for the School of Environment, Science and Engineering.

This is your chance to be in the same room as some of the country's leading environmental and engineering experts. 

The event, at the Lismore campus, includes a series of seminars, debates and hands-on activities showcasing the diverse range of courses on offer within the School.

Dr Daniel Bucher, a senior lecturer in marine ecosystems and fisheries biology, will provide an insight into the behaviour of sharks.

"There is a view that the ocean is our own resource to use as we please and not a wild environment with all the dangers that implies," Dr Bucher said.

Other seminar topics to be presented on the night include 'Biological farming', 'Corals and climate change: the past is a predictor of the future', 'If a frog calls in the forest', and 'The science traveller'.

A feature of the evening will be two high school debates, which will also be open to the public.

The first topic, 'Marine life or people first?' will explore the use of shark nets (adjudicator Dr Daniel Bucher and the second topic will examine whether NASA spending should be re-diverted to our own planet (adjudicator Dr Ricardo Vasquez Padilla).

Professor Jerry Vanclay, head of the School of Environment, Science and Engineering, said the event would provide a wonderful opportunity to explore the University's facilities and hear first-hand about courses and the research being undertaken.

"We are throwing open our doors and inviting all members of the community to come and see our laboratories and other facilities.  If you are thinking of studying any of our environmental, science or engineering courses this is a great opportunity to talk to our staff and meet some of our current students," Professor Vanclay said.

The evening will include activities such as crazy chemistry, a seaside touch tank, robot club and free basic water testing.

 There will also be sessions for parents and for anyone considering who is considering a return to study after a break.

The event is on Tuesday, November 8 from 4-7.30pm.