Top 10 horror movies right there for your TV on Friday 13th

TIME TO SCREAM: Here is the official top 10 horror films of all time.
TIME TO SCREAM: Here is the official top 10 horror films of all time. MARC STAPELBERG

TONIGHT, Friday the 13th, is the perfect night to delve into the murky world of Western superstition and explore the gloomy recesses of our hidden fears.

Although this day is historically connected to the crucifixion of Christ, black cats, ladders and the unlucky number 13, it's also become synonymous with horror movies.

Hockey masks were never the same after Jason from the Friday the 13th movies terrorised hungry hordes of horror fanatics.

The franchise, which helped to define the 1980s cinema horror landscape, followed the successful film, Halloween, which launched the fledgling career of now veteran actress, Jamie Lee Curtis.

But the horror genre has a long and distinguished lineage, with ample fodder for any audience looking to spend a night peering from beneath the covers.

There are staples of the horror landscape that have remained successful throughout the changes: zombies, psycho slashers, mythical creatures and apocalyptic scenarios.

So get the popcorn ready, turn off the lights and get ready to scream.

Rolling Stone's Top 10 Horror movies of all time

  • The Exorcist: A little girl is possessed by the devil. She levitates, projectile vomits and speaks in tongues
  • The Shining: Jack Nicholson plays a homicidal maniac who terrorises his family
  • Psycho: This thriller from Alfred Hitchcock is full of surprises
  • Halloween: A teenager has a bad Halloween after her brother escapes from an insane asylum
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre: With plenty of graphic violence, there are scenes in this movie that will stay with you forever
  • Alien: It's the stuff nightmares are made of - a group of astronauts is stuck on a spaceship with an evil alien
  • The Haunting: Try spending the night in a haunted house. You'd go insane, too, like the main character in this film
  • Night of the Living Dead: A young couple fends off a massive zombie attack. Lots of violence in this one
  • The Thing: It's winter in the Antarctic. Scientists are being hunted down by a shape-shifting alien. Scary stuff
  • Poltergeist: Everything's fine in this suburban home, until ghosts take over and suck one of the kids into a portal

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