Toowoomba, Townsville, Cairns topping sex toys list

Sex toys remain popular in Townsville, Cairns and Toowoomba.
Sex toys remain popular in Townsville, Cairns and Toowoomba.

TOWNSVILLE is one of the sexiest towns in Australia, new data reveals.

Online adult store Femplay has listed Townsville at number four for the number of adult toys sold in Australia per capita.

Toowoomba, number one last year, remains the sex-toy capital of Australia followed by Cairns and Sydney.

Melbourne and Brisbane hold the fifth and sixth spots respectively.

"Yes, it seems Cairns has still been overtaken by Toowoomba this year but this doesn't mean that tropical North Queensland isn't just as sexy, especially with Cairns coming in at a comfortable second place and Townsville a happy fourth place" a Femplay spokeswoman said.

Online adult store Femplay has listed Toowoomba at number one for the number of adult toys sold in Australia per capita.
Online adult store Femplay has listed Toowoomba at number one for the number of adult toys sold in Australia per capita.

"With our research we have found that the sexy North Queenslanders are a mixed group of consumers.

"They have the miners who are FIFO and the Australian Defence Force personnel who are often away leaving their poor partners at home, and they still are in need for some pleasurable time so they take measures into their hands, so to speak.

"You also have a substantial amount of backpackers that once they arrive in your beautiful neck of Australia they want to stay a while and this leads to new relationships blossoming with our international friends and the heat rises in the bedrooms.

"Of course this is not limited to these categories, it just seems that North Queensland residents have a very healthy sexual relationship with adult toys, and why not they are so much fun with or without a partner.

"A plus for a lot of people is being able to purchase sex toys easily and conveniently on the internet."

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