New feather in the caldera: Dean's Photo of the Day trifecta

TODAY is a big day for Mt Warning.

It's been about 23 million years (that's all the way back in the early stages of the Neogene period for you geology buffs) since it first erupted in all its super-volcano fury.

Once it got the magma out of its throat it's been going for the quiet life - you know, gardening, bird-keeping, steady erosion into sub-tropical rainforest, that sort of thing.

Mt Warning on Sunday morning just after sunrise.
Mt Warning on Sunday morning just after sunrise. Dean Pagotto

However, today marks a new beginning for old Cloud Catcher. Today, for the first time, Mt Warning is the subject of its third Photo of the Day in a row.

I know. We're excited too.

Seriously though, yesterday's poll did deliver Photo of the Day's first hat-trick, both to a single photographer, Dean Pagotto, and a particular subject, Mt Warning. So big congratulations are certainly in order.

Dean had some really strong competition in yesterday's poll, yet managed to secure 47% of the vote with the last image in his Mt Warning series, which has been featuring in Photo of the Day polls since Monday.

Mt Warning sunrise.
Mt Warning sunrise. Dean Pagotto

Photo of the Day celebrates the beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of its people.

As well as appearing here, it is published on our website and appears as the cover image on our Facebook page.

To contribute to Photo of the Day, share an image to our Facebook page or vote in the poll below before noon. 

Today's Photo of the Day poll is all about that weird cloud that literally rolled over Evans and Woodburn yesterday.

It was an amazing phenomenon, so it's not surprising it stars in five of today's seven Photo of the Day submissions. (The other two submissions are also awesome.)

Have a look and pick your favourite. Voting closes at noon.

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