Time up for Wardell centre

A DECISION to close the Wardell Community Centre is likely to be made at this month's council meeting, with councillors agreeing that residents have had plenty of time to show that they support the facility.

Twelve months ago the community was given an ultimatum - increase patronage at the centre or it will be closed down.

Those 12 months have now elapsed and there has been no increase in the number of people attending the centre.

Cr David Wright said they had "tried everything" and nothing had worked.

Even Patrick Carney from the Wardell Progress Association - who had fought to keep the centre - told The Northern Star it was time to close the doors.

If this does happen, community groups in the village won't be left without a meeting place.

The council is currently investigating whether it will take over the Wardell and District War Memorial Hall.

The building is owned by trustees who have recently written to the council offering it ownership of the building.

It could become a substitute for the community centre.

Although council staff have not yet undertaken a detailed examination of the options for the hall, it has been "generally concluded" that the acti- vities currently taking place in the community centre could be transferred to the hall.

Costs will include ongoing main- tenance and capital works.

Cr Wright said it would be a win-win for Wardell.

"This is one of the biggest buildings in Wardell and it's in a lovely location," he said.

"I think this is a great thing for the community in the long run."

Cr Keith Johnson said the decision should have been made a year ago.

"They (the residents) were given the opportunity to seek out other solutions," he said.

"They have now taken ownership of the outcome; we have given it a good go."

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