Tickled pink over pickles venture

DI WILSON and Mandy Bushelle are good friends. Their kids have grown up together and they live on the same winding dirt road at Goonengerry. Every Christmas Di has been giving her friend Mandy a jar of her homemade pickles.

But Mandy wanted more.

“For years I hassled her for the pickle recipe. I wanted the recipe. I am such a curious cook, but Di wouldn’t tell me,” Mandy said.

Now Di is going to have to find something else to give Mandy this Christmas because her secret is out.

Together, the friends have cooked and pickled their way into a new business venture.

PickleChicks produces the 30-year-old pickle recipe that originates from an Indian relative of Di’s and has been a closely guarded family secret for a long time.

It was Mandy who convinced Di the recipe was so good it was worth sharing with pickle fans everywhere.

Labels were designed and printed by Mandy’s husband, John, and the women had their first distribution run last week.

So can they be friends and cook together?

“We are noisy cooks. We have woks on the stovetop at the same time and we have a good time in the kitchen,” Mandy said.

PickleChicks products are handmade with the ingredients sourced from local farmer’s markets.

“We try to be as authentic as we can,” Mandy said.

The women cook every Thursday and Friday with eggplant, spices, fresh garlic, ginger and those secret ingredients.

It is a noisy kitchen as the spicy Indian smells waft over the hills of Goonengerry while the PickleChicks are at work.

For information or outlets call Mandy on 043 884 9235.

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