Three-year ban over lovers tiff

IN a fit of temper a drink-driving Lismore mum sped past police before deliberately ramming her Magna into her lover’s parked Nissan Pulsar, wrecking both cars.

P-plater Leanne Thelma Morris, 42, got the attention of police manning an RBT at 1.30am on Saturday, December 5, in Union Street, South Lismore, when they heard an engine revving loudly before a Mitsubishi Magna sped past at an estimated 80km/h in the 50km/h zone.

The car was seen to cross over the centre dividing lines before returning to the correct side of the road and increasing speed.

Police followed the speeding Magna after it travelling beneath a rail bridge and ‘straightlining’ a corner by crossing double unbroken lines as its driver accelerated.

In police facts before Lismore Local Court officers stated they then saw ‘a large amount of smoke’ near the Casino Street junction with a set of tail lights (on the Magna) returning from the incorrect side of the road and stopping.

Morris was arrested and her Magna had extensive frontal damage, and the windscreen had smashed when her head had hit the glass.

A parked green Nissan Pulsar had received major damage with the impact throwing it from a 45-degree angle park to a parallel position.

Morris did a breath analysis which gave a blood/alcohol reading of 0.095 per cent.

She told police she drank one bottle of red wine and a middy of beer before driving.

When an officer commented the Nissan owner might seek financial compensation to cover the damage, Morris replied: “He got what he deserved.”

Morris said her actions were intentional in the way she drove to collide with the man’s car.

She pleaded guilty to mid-range drink-driving; driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle; reckless driving; and driving at a dangerous speed and manner.

Defence lawyer John Hennessy said Morris had been having issues with her partner at the time that had since been resolved. He confirmed it was her partner’s car she struck.

Magistrate Michael Dakin said her driving was ‘a gross abandonment of responsibility’ that placed her and other road users in danger.

Mr Dakin fined Morris a total of $1200, disqualified her from driving for three years, and placed her on a two-year good behaviour bond.

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