Threatened to kill girlfriend

JASON DENYER'S bladder overwhelmed him in a stressful moment and he shut down the custody dock at Lismore police station after causing a dampness issue when he peed after failing to get to a toilet in time.

Denyer, 29, of McKenzie Street, Lismore, pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court to recklessly damaging the police dock at 1.35pm on May 2; stalking/intimidating; and assaulting his former girlfriend in Lismore on May 2.

His defence lawyer told the court that Denyer changed his pleas to guilty after being in custody for some weeks gave him time to ‘reflect' on the matters.

He said Denyer was assaulted in jail and received a broken jaw requiring medical treatment and perhaps surgery.

The lawyer said if released his client was able to live in Ballina with his grandfather because the McKenzie Street flats were not conducive to his client's drug addiction. He said his client realised his former girlfriend would have been terrorised by his threats.

Police facts before the court stated Denyer made numerous threats to kill his girlfriend in front of officers who went to the incident scene when a domestic situation arose after the woman ended their five-year relationship.

Police said Denyer attempted to stop the woman leaving their flat and knocked items she was carrying to the ground.

She retreated into the unit to phone her mother and Denyer got a steak knife and threatened: “I'll slit your throat if you call the cops.”

Police attended after receiving atriple-0 call, with Denyer continuing his threats to the woman, yelling at her: “This time I'm going to slit your throat when I get out.”

Police said that after being arrested and led to the police van Denyer still made threats to kill her with a knife.

While in the police station dock Denyer was taken to a toilet, and later asked to use it again, but was told to wait by the custody manager when he urinated. The dock had to be closed for cleaning and Denyer was charged.

His lawyer said Denyer had asked to go to the toilet, but been refused. “Fifteen minutes passed, he was very nervous and agitated, nevertheless he shouldn't have done what he did,” hislawyer said.

Magistrate Jeff Linden said Denyer acknowledged he had a problem controlling his temper.

He sentenced Denyer to 12 months' jail, backdated to his arrest in May, and ordered him to be immediately released on supervised parole.

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