Things Prettygreat for Luke after Fruit Ninja success

Luke Muscat, left with the other founders of Prettygreat Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters.
Luke Muscat, left with the other founders of Prettygreat Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters.

FORMER Maclean boy Luke Muscat, the developer of the phone app games Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has moved on to new things.

Earlier this year Luke along with Phil Larsen and Hugh Walters left game developers Halfbrick, where Luke, as game designer, designed Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride amongst others, to form Australia's newest game development startup, Prettygreat.

In June a seed startup of $500,000 brought Matt Hall and Andy Sum - known worldwide as creators of the #1 mobile game Crossy Road with over 90 million downloads worldwide in just six months - into the fold.

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The Prettygreat website says Matt and Andy are also renowned developers with a massive portfolio of games.

Together as Hipster Whale they created Crossy Road and PAC-MAN 256, while individually they have released hits such as Doodle Find, Little Things Forever, and the recent viral phenomenon game of the year: 420BLAZEIT.

Now the new company has released its debut offering Landsliders to enthusiastic reviews.

"Our priority is smart innovation and design excellence with every game we release." Mr Larsen, the managing director of Prettygreat.

"Matt and Andy's vision is to add more fun to the world in a market more receptive to quality than ever.

"We're absolutely stoked to have them on board, because making awesome stuff, sharing it with the world and doing it for the players is the Prettygreat way."

He said the groups aim is to make remarkable mobile games for an evolving market, and new era of discoverability.

"If it's fun, unique, innovative, weird, explosive, juicy, or simply amazing, then our mission is making it for the world."

To get taste of Luke's new game, Landsliders, have a look at this review:

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