Thief escapes with the keys to Casino

I'M SURE the locksmiths in Casino are smiling at the moment. It seems someone else's crime has paid off for them.

After robbing the Casino Golf Club last Thursday, an armed thief stole a security company's car with the keys to almost all the businesses in town inside.

I know the locksmiths won't be happy with the reason, but being hired to change most of the locks in town has to be good for their business.

But it will be a mammoth task which will take the rest of the week, and almost every locksmith available, to complete. Add to that the cost and distress for local business owners, and one criminal's actions have affected a whole community.

I hope all the locks are changed and businesses are secured before the robber finds out what those keys are worth.

I'd suggest to the security company, which is working with police to catch the robber, that a new system for storing the keys to the town needs to be implemented.

I'm sure the security guard was doing his job and the system of where the keys were kept and secured was working - until now.

Obviously security guards need to have clients' keys handy, but I'm not convinced keeping a whole heap of business keys in the one place, with one person, is such a good idea. There needs to be some safeguard so this doesn't happen again.

Security companies make a living out of protecting other people's businesses. Now they have to look at securing their own.

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