Twins sell $100k cash find story

THE TUNTABLE twins who handed in $100,000 to police last month will now get something for their trouble, even if their finder's claim for the cash is rejected.

With the blessing of police and their mother, Isaac and Abraham, whose surname has been withheld, have gone public in New Idea magazine.

Although the undisclosed fee is only a fraction of the original find, it will go some way towards the boys' dreams after they complete their Higher School Certificate next month.

The boys first spoke exclusively to The Northern Star after their amazing act of honesty captured the national imagination just over two weeks ago.

At the time they said they were 'sweet' and all they could possibly want that kind of money for was to go to university, or perhaps to get their ultimate Frisbee team to the world club championships in Prague in the Czech Republic next year.

Their mother Robyn told the magazine she initially feared the money was linked to drugs and she wanted to protect the family's identity in case they became the target of criminals.

At the time police said it was a real concern and strongly requested the media to respect the family's anonymity. The community also banded together to protect the family. Robyn has still withheld their surnames to avoid any petty harassment.

At this stage police are remaining tight-lipped about their continuing investigation while they decide what to do with the money.

They have repeatedly commended the boys for their honesty.

According to their story (which people can read in full in this week's New Idea), Isaac and Abraham said their main priority was to their mum who had 'worked so hard' to get them where they were today.

“We owe her big time,” they said.

The boys found the money five weeks ago when fishing at their favourite spot at Tuntable Creek.

When The Northern Star broke their story on September 21 media interest escalated and The Star's switchboard was inundated with inquiries and interview requests.

The story was the hot topic of coffee shop and pub conversation as people debated what they would do in such a situation.

The Northern Star's online poll ran hot with the current figures currently holding at 47 per cent for handing in the money, and 53 per cent against.

At the time Robyn was equally bemused and annoyed saying, “Of course you would think about the pros and cons [yet] we knew straight away that that kind of money comes with consequences, but it was fun to dream.”

If the proceeds of crime the money will remain in State coffers.

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