EDITORIAL: There’s still a risk if you go in the water

ARE authorities playing with the safety of ocean goers by trialling shark deterrent methods off our coastline?

It's a legitimate question, put by many of our readers over the course of the many shark attacks we've endured this year.

And should we trade eco drum lines for actual drum lines and non lethal shark barriers for shark nets?

Does it have to be a battle between tried and tested lethal technology over largely untested non lethal methods?

At risk are the lives of the many swimmers, surfers and boogie boarders who use our waterways each and every day, but increasingly so over the summer.

But that has always been the case and will be until the first of these new trial measures are rolled out.

We've never deployed drum lines or nets here like they have to our north on the Gold Coast and to the south in Sydney.

Until the spate of shark attacks this year it was only discussed sporadically and never conclusively.

Amid all the feedback we have received at the paper this year it seems the vast majority of people would like to try something new here.

There's been overwhelming opposition to calls for shark culls and other old school methods from the NSW Premier down.

So let's give these eco drum lines a go, let's trial shark barriers and let's deploy the drones to give us an early warning system.

Let's tag and track the sharks and learn more about their behaviour.

We all may be better off in the long run if these things actually work.

And perhaps the rest of Australia will then be playing catch up with us.

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