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Strassman gets connected with new show

DAVID Strassman's new show, iTedE - It's about Chucking Time, is about the internet and the world of connectivity.

"It's basically about Chuck and Ted E who can't get off their iPhones and iPads so I have to give them the Ted talk. Chuck is also now on the puppet version of Tinder," the Los Angeles-based artist jests.

"We're online all the time so it is possible we are desensitised because we aren't using our imagination anymore, because everything is right there, one click away. Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, there's so much vying for our online attention and my characters are no different."

Strassman says the initial part of the show will feature all the crew - Chuck, Ted E Bare, Kevin the Alien, Grandpa Fred, and Sid the Beaver - using the traditional "hand up the bum" ventriloquism followed by a technologically complex finale.

"So it's all fantastic puppetry and incredibly funny new routines but in the last 10 minutes I give the 'Ted talk' to them all together, sitting in a semi-circle," he said.

"I operate them live with a wireless handheld device in my hand and do all their voices live.

"We have a six-way discussion/argument and hilarious confrontation with an incredible surprise at the end."

Strassman said this production showcased the advent of puppetry from the traditional centuries-old practice of ventriloquism to something no-one had ever done before in manipulating five characters at once.

Beside the technological wizardry, Strassman said the dialogue was hilarious.

"I've notched up the comedy level this time and there will be plenty of local humour included whether I'm in Grafton, Lismore, or Tassie."

At the Star Court Theatre in Lismore on November 17

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