Karise Eden grew up in Wyoming, on the NSW Central Coast.
Karise Eden grew up in Wyoming, on the NSW Central Coast.

Karise Eden: The things she has done

THINGS I've Done is Karise Eden's second album.

The winner of the original The Voice competition in 2012 had four songs in the ARIA Singles Chart top five in one week in 2012.

She became the first artist to achieve this feat since The Beatles, who held the top six positions of the chart in 1964.

Eden's debut studio album My Journey was released in June 2012 and contained songs she performed on The Voice, as well as newly-recorded covers.

The album debuted at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart and was certified double platinum.

And then there was silence, until October 2014 when she released Things I've Done.

In between she had performed at Bluesfest 2013 and hinted a return to professional music.

Eden wrote or co-wrote almost every song on Things I've Done, which she found to be self-counselling process.

"When I co-wrote songs we ended up talking about things that happened to me and we ended up with really big ballads and power songs, and I'm pretty proud to share a body of work that has got my name on it," she said.

Eden was also the subject of an episode of Australian Story on ABC TV last year, despite the artist being keen to keep her private life away from the media.

"I just wanted to let people know what happened because, as much as I can be a recluse or very private, I am also an honest person," she said.

"I wanted to let people know that this is hard. You don't just get on TV and everything goes well.

"I wanted to be honest. No, I didn't just get sick and the tour got cancelled."

Eden suffered a breakdown after the fame, the hectic schedule and life got too much for the then 19 year old.

Now with a new partner, a baby boy born on Christmas Eve last year, and a new album, Eden is back.

"Right now I am sitting here talking to you and feeding a bottle to my son (laughs). We are just making it work day by day," she said.

"I think I am a lot more calm and collected, probably a mix of being more tired and because my family has said to me 'if you stress, the baby will stress', so better not (laughs again)."

Eden's favourite song is the title track, Things I've Done.

"I am so proud of that song. It really wraps me up," she said.

"I am young but I'm an old soul, see all the places I've been to ... that's about someone that's a bit tired but, you know, is looking back and reminiscing in life, asking 'How did I get here?'."

Karise Eden will be performing at the Lismore Workers Club, 231 Keen St, Lismore, on July 1 from 7.30pm.


She has the voice

THE fact that Karise Eden won the first The Voice competition fits her profile as an artist.

She is a good songwriter, and an accomplished instrumentalist (she plays the banjo, double bass and guitar) but it is her voice that puts her above many other singer songwriters in Australia.

Karise acknowledges a strong influence from artists such as Janis Joplin, Axl Rose and Amy Winehouse, and her final sound in Things I've Done borrows elements from each of those artists to come out with something new, powerful and beautiful.

As I wrote last October in my editor's letter (Pulse, October 23, 2014), Karise Eden has released one of the best albums of the year.

Things I've Done is vocally superb, it has a retro sound to it, it is musically accomplished and the lyrics are accessible to all.

The songs are catchy and original, and we really loved the fact that she wrote the album without Top 40 radio in mind.

Meanwhile, her album is on rotation in my car, because I have always been inclined to female vocalists with strong and powerful voices.

Etta James, Amy Winehouse, P!nk, Beth Hart, Taylor Dayne, Dallas Frasca and now Karise Eden are just some of my favourite female singers for that very reason.

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