The on again, off again roadworks

IT'S TAKEN five months for the 'real' work at Oliver Avenue in Goonellabah to begin.

Almost every day over those five months, I'd slow down to turn into Kadina Street, and stick my head out the window in the hope of seeing some progress.

There were a couple of false starts, then a few days of activity, and then a long period of no visible action.

Then earlier this week it was all hands on deck, with work utes, trucks and equipment at the site. Work had finally begun.

But within hours, all the planning, expert knowledge, resources and funding Lismore City Council aimed at the project couldn't prevent the hand of fate (or a giant drill) creating another delay and even more annoyance to nearby residents.

The drill severed a phone cable, leaving about 400 homes and businesses without a service for around 24 hours.

Telstra experts, maps, even specialised equipment were brought in just so they didn't hit the cable; but it wasn't enough to prevent disaster.

How can you try so hard to avoid an object and then hit it dead on?

But I do appreciate the news that council's bridge crews agreed to give up their January holidays to keep working on the bridge and hopefully have the work finished by February.

As one of the residents who has been inconvenienced by the delays in this project, I extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who are pushing to get the job done.

And if someone says to me the worst thing is a bridge over troubled water, I'd disagree. Try a bridge over a phone cable.

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