Amanda Knox in a scene from the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox.
Amanda Knox in a scene from the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. Netflix

The new Netflix doco asks 'was Amanda Knox the killer?'

IN 2007, British student Meredith Kercher was found murdered in her apartment in Perugia, Italy.

What followed was a media frenzy surrounding Amanda Knox, one of the case's lead suspects.

Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito - whom she had known for only a week before the murder - were charged and later acquitted, having been deemed the victims of a miscarriage of injustice by the Italian police force.

A new Netflix documentary places the microscope upon the story. It includes testaments from both Knox and Sollecito as well as lead prosecutor Guiliano Mignini and a British journalist on the scene, Nick Pisa. These are the most eye-opening quotes:


"There are those who believe my innocence and there are those who believe in my guilt. There's no in between - either I'm a psychopath in sheep's clothing or I am you."

Knox on her time in Italy before the murder

"I was living with these Italian women and a British girl my age who was super sophisticated (Kercher) and we had this beautiful house that overlooked this valley. I was owning it."

Mignini after arriving at the crime scene

"Outside, I saw two young people (Knox and Sollecito). They were comforting each other with an affection inappropriate for the moment."


Journalist Nick Pisa in a scene from the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox.
Journalist Nick Pisa in a scene from the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. Netflix

Pisa on breaking the autopsy results story

"To see your name on the front page with a great story that everyone's talking about - it's just a fantastic buzz. I'd like to say it's like having sex or something like that."

Sollecito on the time he arrived at the apartment

"I saw all this mess. It was very weird and I was a little bit surprised that (Knox) took a shower inside her house without having the anxiety of it."

Mignini addressing Knox's changing alibi

"Amanda had a very unusual way of reasoning. She kept going between dream and reality."

Knox on the discovery of the murder weapon with her DNA on it

"The knife I could not explain. There are no reasons for my DNA to be on the handle and Meredith's DNA to have been on the blade. It was impossible."

Sollecito on his relationship with Knox

"I was very shy. And I didn't date girls. So when I was with Amanda, I was so happy to enjoy life and to enjoy my new relationship. Why should I go and murder a girl?"

Mignini on Knox

"Amanda was a girl that was very uninhibited. Hearing Meredith's friends convinced me if you could imagine a girl different from Amanda in every imaginable way, it would have been Meredith."

Knox after being found guilty and imprisoned to 26 years in prison

"Suddenly, I found myself tossed into this dark place. I thought about suicide. I thought about all the ways that I could do it. Me not coming home again until I'm in my 50s, until members of my family have died - I was poisoned."

Sollecito speaking about his feelings for Knox following their imprisonment

"I was thinking about Amanda and I wanted to send her flowers on her birthday to say. "I'm here." But she clearly told me that her feelings were completely changed. Even though I'd known her only for five days, those five days were everything."

Independent forensic expert Dr Stefano Conti on the unstable state of the crime scene

"You could see a lot of coming and going of people without protective suits. In other words, total chaos."

Knox on the botched DNA report

"You're trying to find the answer in my eyes when the answer is right over there. You're looking at me. Why? These are my eyes - they're not objective evidence.''

Knox on life in Seattle following her release

"I get into a line at the grocery store and the person behind me's like, 'Woah, it's you. I know you.' And I really want to turn to them and go 'Who the f*** are you? And you don't know me'."

Mignini on Knox and Sollecito's acquittal

"If they're guilty and earthly justice didn't get to them, I hope they own their guilt because I know that life ends with a final trial."

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